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Installed Version Latest Version
Version 1.99 : (22 June 2006) Version 1.98 : (07 June 2006) Version 1.97 : (06 May 2006) Version 1.96 : (06 April 2006) Version 1.95 : (30 March 2006) Version 1.94 : (27 March 2006) Version 1.93 : (24 March 2006)
Version 1.92 : (20 March 2006)
Version 1.91 : (10 Feb 2006) Version 1.90 Gold : (01 Dec 2005 ) Version 1.87 Beta : (19 Oct 2005 )
  • Major internal improvements / changes, especially relating to the Editable Report classes - fixed an issue with FM3 / OI / C62
  • Moved a lot of the editable report code from the template into the dll

    Version 1.86 Beta : (17 Oct 2005 )
  • Internal improvements.
  • Major internal changes to the editable (Word / Excel) report templates.

    Version 1.85 Beta : (7 Oct 2005 )
  • Fixed (again) the OI / FM3 / C6 local-mode bug (causing FM3 to not trap error 47's!)
  • The Outlook_ReadEmailFolders example in now shows how to implement a progress bar.
  • Outlook has a limitation of 254 emails when reading mail folders, we have worked around this (internal changes).

    Version 1.84 Beta : (4 October 2005 )
  • Fixed a problem with the Outlook.UpdateAppointment method, which caused the IsRecurring property to be set to true unintentionally.
  • The Editable Report template code now works with Legacy apps also, new example in Clarion\3rdParty\Examples\Office\Demo called
  • Fixed a problem that was occurring in Clarion 6.2, when using Office Inside and File Manager 3 in the same application.

    Version 1.83 Beta : (23 September 2005 )
  • Renamed (internally) numerous API functions that were causing conflicts with another 3rdParty product who was using the same prefix as me. Cleaned up various parts of the library (internally).
  • Identified that LIB_MODE is broken in Clarion 6.2.9047, tried to work around that as best as possible until a new version of Clarion is released.
  • You can now return RECORD:OutOfRange from within the Excel.ImportXLSFile_TakeRecord methods to stop importing records. Updated the documentation and examples.
  • The oiWord.CloseDoc method was always returning FALSE, regardless of whether it worked or not.
  • Internal improvements to the oiWord.PrintMe method. The pPrinterName parameter has now been documented.
  • Improvements to the documentation, including several previously undocumented methods in the Excel class.
  • New functionality added to the Spell-Check templates - you now have more control over which controls are spell-checked and which are skipped.
  • Deprecated the oiRTF class. This class was never documented.
  • Fixed a bug that caused setting Outlook reminders to fail.
  • Released a new version of oiHelper.exe (v1.03).

    Version 1.81 Beta : (15 Aug 2005 )
  • Fixed an issue in Clarion 6.2.9047, affecting local mode compiles.

    Version 1.80 Beta : (1 Aug 2005 )
  • Fixed an issue with the SpellCheck template code.
  • The Outlook.SendEmail method and the oi_SendEmail function now take an extra parameter called pOpen, which lets you either send the email or display it on screen.
  • New method: Outlook.GetMailAttachmentsQ
  • New method: Outlook.SaveAttachment
  • New method: Excel.AutoFilter (not yet working properly, not yet documented)
  • Documented the Excel.FreezePanes method.
  • Several internal improvements.

    Version 1.79 Beta : (15 July 2005 )
  • Internal changes, reimplemented _oiDllMode_ compiler flag (used internally). Fixes some issues in standalone mode. Tested all compiles (all modes, all versions of Clarion etc) thoroughly. No known issues.
  • Several minor internal improvements / optimizations.

    Version 1.78 Beta : (6 July 2005 )
  • Deprecated the _oiLinkMode_ and _oiDllMode_ compiler flags.
  • Fixed an issue with compiling in local mode (problem in the last release)

    Version 1.77 Beta : (4 July 2005 )
  • New function called 'oi_RGBHexToBGRHex', used internally.
  • Fixed: The example's "Word_Automation" example was not logging method calls to the queue in the example.
  • Fixed: The example's "Excel_Automation" example had an orphaned embed, resulting in the menus not being activated once Excel had initialized.
  • Fixed: The oiWord.GotoItem method was not working correctly for EndOfDoc
  • Fixed: The oiWord.TableSetOutsideBordersLineStyle method was not working correctly when setting oiw:LineStyleNone
  • Numerous improvements to the Editable Report Templates.

    Version 1.76 Beta : (24 June 2005 )
  • FIX: Template bug in 1.74 where I used 'MyExcel' not '%Object'.
  • New template extensions (introduces in 1.74) now support Fomin Report Builder, and CPCS.
  • Several improvements around the report extension templates.
  • New example ( showing the new report extension templates being used with the Clarion 6 XML and PDF templates.
  • First build compiled using Clarion 6.2.9046.

    Version 1.74 Beta : (20 June 2005 )
  • NEW: Create editable Word or Excel documents from standard Clarion reports by simply adding an extension template!! Supports all 3rdParty template tools, and hand-coded reports!!! (Only works in Clarion 6.1 and later)
  • Improvement: oiWord.ReplaceText method now does 'Search and Replace' in Text Boxes, and other objects, not just the document body
  • Internal changes: Deprecated the oiRTF class (was never documented)
  • Internal changes: Major internal changes to the DLL
  • Internal changes: Implemented _oiDllMode_ and _oiLinkMode_

    Version 1.73 Beta : (3 June 2005 )
  • Internal Improvements to oiOutlook.DeleteAppointment, oiOutlook.DeleteContact and oiOutlook.DeleteTask methods
  • New methods: oiOutlook.DisplayAppointment, oiOutlook.DisplayContact, oiOutlook.DisplayTask
  • oiWord.OpenDoc now takes three new parameters (ReadOnly, AddToRecentFiles, and Password)
  • oioContactsQType1 data type has changed (Added a new field called 'Categories'). This affects the oiOutlook.GetContactsQ method which takes this data type as a parameter.
  • oiOutlook.UpdateAppointment, oiOutlook.UpdateTask and oiOutlook.UpdateContact methods were not updating Outlook if the pValue parameter was blank, this has been changed.
  • Change: The 'Ignore' and 'Ignore All' buttons in the spell checking template were causing words to be ignored for the life time of the oiWord object. Now words are only ignored until you have finished checking the spelling for a particular section of text.
  • New methods (used internally by the spell check templates):
  • Deprecated most of the old Word Report template code. This was never documented code. Please see the example app.
  • Changed the Excel.ImportXLSFile method (now documented) to take an extra parameter (pColumns).
  • Fixed the "Excel_ImportFromXlsToTps_NoWizard" procedure in my example.
  • The Excel.SetColumnWidth method was setting the "AutoFit" attribute based on row 1, it now takes all rows into account.
  • Increased the size of the fields storing the email body in my's "Outlook_ReadEmailFolders" example.
  • Fixed: The "Outlook.SendEmail" method was always returning false (0), even if the mail was sent successfully. This has been fixed. This also resulted in the "oi_SendEmail" function always returning false.
  • Changed the "Outlook_SendEmail" procedure in my example, was sending mail using the extension template, now it uses a function call (one line of code)
  • Started working on Editable Word reports, not included in this build.
  • Started working on multiple Word Document objects running simultaneously, not included in this build.
  • First build compiled with Clarion 6.1 9034, and Clarion 6.2.

    Version 1.72 Beta : (25 April 2005 )
  • oiOutlook.UpdateAppointment method now supports the following new equates (see the documentation on the oiOutlook.UpdateAppointment method for more information):
  • Changed: oioCalendarQType1 data structure used by oiOutlook.GetAppointmentsQ. Recurrence_PatternStartDate now comes before Recurrence_PatternEndDate, and I've added two new fields called Recurrence_PatternStartTime and Recurrence_PatternEndTime.
  • Fixed a bug in the spell check template, added a new method (used internally) called "_GetNextStartOfWordFromSentence".
  • Several minor internal changes / improvements

    Version 1.71 Beta : (11 April 2005 )
  • Changed: oioFolderItemsQType data structure used by oiOutlook.GetMailItemsQ changed. Have removed the "body" field. Please change your existing code if you have used the oiOutlook.GetMailItemsQ method. Also added several new fields into the oioFolderItemsQType data structure, including SenderEmailAddress, MessageSize.
  • New Method: oiOutlook.GetEmailBody
  • Updated:'s "Read Email" example has been updated, now shows how to read emails from Outlook.
  • Internal template improvements.

    Version 1.70 Beta : (24 March 2005 )
  • New template symbol called %OIBuild - other templates can use this to check the OI version number
  • Several improvements in the example application
  • Several methods in the oiOutlook class now return a byte indicating whether they worked or not (1 indicates success, 0 indicates failure). Methods include:
  • Changed the oioCalendarQType1 structure. This affects the oiOutlook.AppointmentProperties property, and several oiOutlook methods that pass this type as a parameter. We added several new fields to this structure (see below), after the existing IsRecurring item. See the example or email us if you need help. Note: This is still work in progress - documentation / examples / update methods will follow in the next build.
  • oiOutlook's UpdateAppointment method now supports the following (
    work in progress - still busy testing this code)
  • Several internal improvements in the dll

    Version 1.69 Beta : (7 March 2005 )
  • Improved: Dll now checks the EntryID field size (so that what Outlook returns to us does not exceed the size of our properties / internal variables) in the oiOutlook.GetContactsQ method. Also increased the size of the return variable in the oiOutlook.InsertAppointment, InsetTask, and InsertContact methods, and added similar checks in those methods.
  • Improved: oiWord.SetSelection can now be used to select an entire table (useful for copying tables, deleting tables, etc)
  • New methods: oiExcel.GetPaletteColor, and oiExcel.SetPaletteColor (Will be used in CapeSoft SendTo to add Excel RGB support)
  • Changed: Deleted oiExcel color equates. By default you now simply pass standard Clarion color equates to any oiExcel method, unless you alter the palette (see the new oiExcel.SetPaletteColor method documentation for more info) In your code you may need to change code where you used oix:Yellow to COLOR:YELLOW now for instance.
  • New method: oiExcel._GetExcelSwatchIDFromOISwatchID (used internally, undocumented)

    Version 1.68 Beta : (28 Feb 2005 )
  • Improved: oiWord now supports RGB color values, not just standard Clarion color equates (CapeSoft SendTo will soon take advantage of this)
  • New function: oiRGBToBGRLong (can be used with oiWord to set colors to RGB rather than just the 16 clarion color equates)
  • New functions: oi_LongToHex, oi_ByteToHex, oi_HexToLong (used internally)
  • Fixed: Several properties were not being set in Outlook when inserting / changing records, including:
  • New in all objects: New method called ErrorTrap, new property called SuppressErrorTrap, new extension template option labelled Suppress Error Messages
  • New: The oiOutlook class now gives error messages when it finds a field returned by Outlook exceeds the size of the field (property) returned by Office Inside. This will help us find any other fields that are currently larger than the property sizes. The error messages currently say "Error in [methodname]: Property size not big enough for [field] size [size]". If you see any messages like this please tell me what they say. You can disable these messages by simply ticking the Suppress Error Messages checkbox in the template options. (Have added these messages to oiOutlook.GetAppointmentsQ, oiOutlook.GetTasksQ)
  • Improved: oiOutlook.GetContactsQ method progress bar support improved (see the examples). Also added progress bar support to GetAppointmentsQ and GetTasksQ methods.
  • Changed: The oiOutlook.GetContactsQ method now sorts the returned queue by FirstName,LastName.
  • New properties:
  • Changed: oioContactsQType1 and oioTasksQType1. You will need to update your code if you have manually prototyped any queues to match these queue types (added four extra fields to each queue: CreationTime_Date, CreationTime_Time, LastModificationTime_Date and LastModificationTime_Time )

    Version 1.67 Beta : (21 Feb 2005 )
  • New methods: oiOutlook.UpdateTask, oiOutlook.UpdateContact, oiOutlook.UpdateAppointment (taking single parameters)
  • Changed: All references throughout Office Inside (dll, template, examples etc) were using a string(50) to store Outlook EntryID data. This has been changed to rather use a string(255), defined in _oit:EntryIDSize. Please update your own code accordingly if necessary.
  • Changed: ExcelImportWizard template. Please delete your oiExcelImportWizard procedure and rerun the template utility (Application --> Template Utility --> Class OfficeInside --> ImportXlsToTpsABC)
  • Improved: Outlook code improved and optimized (internal changes)
  • Improved: Improved the ImportXLS code template (now if you have not called the Excel.Init method before running this code template, it will Init and Kill Excel itself as needed).
  • Improved: example application. Improved the Import from XLS to TPS (Wizard) example, and added a new (revamped) example called Import from XLS to TPS (No Wizard) - showing how to import an XLS file into a TPS table using a code template.

    Version 1.66 Beta : (14 Feb 2005 )
  • New method: oiExcel.ReplaceText
  • New: oiShowSpellingSuggestions window now has a "Use Flat Controls" checkbox on its template for C6
  • Improved: Internal code cleaned up and optimized in places
  • New method: oiWord.FindText
  • New methods: oiOutlook.GetAppointment, oiOutlook.GetTask, oiOutlook.GetContact
  • Changed: oiOutlook.GetAppointmentsQ, oiOutlook.GetContactsQ, oiOutlook.GetTasksQ now all take an optional second parameter

    Version 1.65 Beta : (7 Feb 2005 )

  • New:Please delete your oiShowSpellingSuggestions procedure, and run the template utility again (Application --> Template Utility --> Class OfficeInside --> ShowSpellingSuggestions) We are now modelling the Outlook 2003 spell check window, rather than the Word 2003 one, as Outlooks is more user friendly.
  • New: Ignore All button on Spelling Suggestions window is now working
  • Fixed: Compiler errors on Clarion 5.5 RTF controls (Spell Check code)
  • New Methods:
  • Fixed: OI was closing Outlook in it's Kill method, regardless of whether Outlook was running before OI latched on to it
  • Improved: Internal code cleaned up and optimized in places

    Version 1.64 Beta : (28 Jan 2005 )
  • Changed: oioContactsQType1 field sizes:
  • Changed: The spell check code now give a "spell check complete" message
  • Improved: Spell Check code now also supports memos
  • Improved: The Spell Check example has been redone, now includes strings, cstrings, and memos
  • Improved: Spell check code further optimized
  • Improved: Code spring-clean in dll

    Version 1.63 Beta : (24 Jan 2005 )
  • New: Template Utility called ShowSpellingSuggestionsLegacy
  • New: Spell Check Support template now supports legacy apps
  • New: Example in showing how to use spell check template in a legacy app
  • Improved: Spell check code has been optimized, now runs roughly 9 times faster

    Version 1.62 Beta : (12 Jan 2005 )
  • New: Template Utility called ShowSpellingSuggestionsABC
  • New section in Word docs, "How to add Spell Checking to your application"
  • Improved: Spell checking code / template code (ABC)

  • Note: In order for the current spell check code to compile under Clarion 6.1 and later, you will need to edit RTFCTL.INC as follows:
  • Deprecated: Word_SpellCheck_Controls template

    Version 1.61 Beta : (10 Jan 2005 )
  • Bug Fix: Word.TableSetColumnWidths and Word.TableGetColumnWidths
  • Fixed: When automating MS Word, if you also had Outlook running, when closing Word you might get a message saying "This file is in use by another". Resolved.
  • New: Redid spell check code, see More to come in next build.
  • New example showing how to use Office Inside in a multi-dll app (abc)
  • Improved: Outlook methods InsertTask, InsertAppointment, and InsertContact now return the GUID (string) for those items

    Version 1.60 Beta : (Released 20 Dec 2004 )
  • First build compiled with Clarion 6.1 Build 9031
  • Improved: Internal architecture ito cleaning up disposed objects

    Version 1.59 Beta : (Released 16 Dec 2004 )
  • New: Several internal changes for better integration with CapeSoft File Explorer (more to follow in subsequent builds)
  • New: oiExcel.ReadCell method takes a second parameter to let you read cell formulas
  • Changed: oiWord.CheckSpelling method now only takes two parameters, not three. Please change any existing code accordingly.
  • First build compiled with Clarion 6.1 Build 9030

    Version 1.58 Beta : (Released 29 Nov 2004 )
  • Fixed: oiWord.GetText method was sometimes discarding the last character in the text being returned
  • New: New method called oiWord.TableMergeSelectedCells
  • New: Released oihelper.exe version 1.02 (in your Clarion\3rdParty\Examples\Office\Demo folder). Improvements include:
  • New: New function called oi_GetFileVersionInfo
  • New: New method called LaunchHelperProcess (all objects) which is called from inside the dll (for example by the oiWord.MailMergeRun method). Not yet documented, still work in progress.
  • Improved: oiWord methods changed (extra parameter called MoveRight added)
  • Improved: oiWord.ReplaceText method (was not returning true when successful)

    Version 1.57 Beta : (Released 15 Nov 2004 )
  • New methods: oiExcel.MergeCells, oiExcel.UnmergeCells
  • New: The oiExcel.SelectWorksheet method can now take a long parameter to select sheets by number, not name
  • New Example called "HandCoded"

    Version 1.56 Beta : (Released 3 Nov 2004 )
  • New: New version of the oiHelper exe (1.01), several improvements
  • Fixed: oiWord.SetSelection method was not working under Word 2003
  • Improved: Tidied up some of the template code
  • Uncommented Create Read-Only Word Reports and the Spell Checking examples in the example, have started working on this code again

    Version 1.55 Beta : (Released 29 Oct 2004 )
  • Fixed: IsRecurring info returned by oiOutlook.GetAppointmentsQ was not working
  • New: Exe called oihelper.exe (in your Clarion\3rdParty\examples\office\demo folder) which takes care of that annoying Outlook message "an application is trying to..." :-)
  • New: Template utility to import a wizard for importing Excel spreadsheets into a TPS table.. (ABC only at this time, legacy to follow)
  • New: Function called oi_ClarionVersion, returns either 55 or 61, used internally
  • Improved: oiExcel.ReadCell method - better support for reading dates from Excel
  • Docs Updated for oiWord.ReplaceText

    Version 1.54 Beta : (Released 22 Oct 2004 )
  • Several methods fixed:
  • Several internal methods are now obsolete and have been deleted
  • oiExcel.SelectCells method can now be used to select all cells in the current sheet (like Ctrl-A)
  • Started cleaning up the template

    Version 1.53 Beta : (Released 15 Oct 2004 )
  • Several methods fixed:
  • New method: oiWord.SetParagraphFormatting
  • Several internal improvements in the library (pertaining to Clarion 6.1)

    Version 1.52 Beta : (Released 4 Oct 2004 )
  • New methods for oiExcel : GetRowHeight; SetRowHeight
  • oiExcel.SetColumnWidth method now takes omitable parameters
  • If you omit parm 3 for oiExcel.SetColumnWidth, or omit parm 3 for oiExcel.SetRowHeight, then "AutoFit" is applied

    Version 1.51 Beta : (Released 27 August 2004 )
  • First build compiled with Clarion 6.1 Build 9027

    Version 1.50 Beta : (Released 12 August 2004 )
  • Changed "static" attribute on several properties
  • Improved example application
  • Major changes to the oiOutlook class. Please see the examples, these changes will break any code you wrote using the methods introduced in the last release. The reason for these changes is that several methods had so many parameters the code was looking messy, so we're made it much cleaner and more efficient, and have taken this opportunity to standardize several items (naming conventions, logic, etc) at the same time.
  • Bug Fix: Initializing an oiOutlook object sometimes failed if Outlook was not already running.
  • Updated the legacy example.
  • First build compiled using Clarion 6.1 Build 9025

    Version 1.49 Beta : (Released 23 July 2004 )
  • New methods (and examples) for oiOutlook, including GetCalendarQ, AddAppointment, EditAppointment
  • Changed several Outlook queue structures (added fields, changed data types)
  • New function - oi_GetClarionTimeFromLongLong (used internally my methods, not documented)
  • Started updating docs and examples for oiOutlook class
  • First build compiled with Clarion 6.1 Gold(Build 9024)

    Version 1.48 Beta : (Released 16 July 2004 )
  • Can now set the visibility of Word and Excel using the Update methods, e.g. MyWord.Update (oiw:ApplicationVisible, true)
  • First build tested with Clarion 6.1 RC6

    Version 1.47 Beta : (Released 28 June 2004 )
  • Deprecated the oiWord code template "Word_Method_Helper". The template was titled "PLEASE DO NOT USE" so this should not affect anyone. Updated demo apps accordingly.
  • First build tested with Clarion 6.1 RC4

    Version 1.46 Beta : (Released 25 June 2004 )
  • Several changes to oiOutlook - changed various methods and properties (all were previously undocumented), including:
  • New example and methods showing how to read mail from an Outlook folder
  • Several other fixes, esp in the oiWord class

    Version 1.45 Beta : (Released 10 June 2004 )
  • Fixed a bug causing a GPF as your exe closed when compiling in Clarion 6.1.

    Version 1.44 Beta : (Released 8 June 2004 )
  • First build to support Clarion 6.1 CR2

    Version 1.43 Beta : (Released 4 June 2004 )
  • New features:
  • Cleaned up / optimized oiExcel code
  • Updated the example (Office Inside / File Explorer in same app)
  • First build to support Clarion 6.1 CR1

    Version 1.42 Beta : ( Released 21 May 2004 )
  • Bug fixes:
  • Several internal fixes / improvements etc.
  • First build shipping with a compiled Clarion 6.1 EA2 dll.

    Version 1.41 Beta : ( Released 19 May 2004 )
  • Bug fixes:
  • First build to support Clarion 6.1 EA2.

    Version 1.40 Beta : ( Released 18 May 2004 )
  • After being caught up in other projects for the past couple months this build includes a lot of "small things fixed along the way".
  • The oiWord class has been COMPLETELY rewritten, over 11,000 lines of code in total. Now runs completely late bound. I did this because Word 2003 is not backward compatible. Parts of this code will be redone early bound later on if when I optimize the library.
  • This is the first official release to support Clarion 6.1 (Clarion 5.5G, Clarion 6.0 and Clarion 6.1).
  • Also uses a new build of the PWUtil dll. Several improvements / fixed in that dll also.
  • The only parts of oiWord that have not yet been rewritten are Spell Checking, callback events, and Mail Merge. These will come next.
  • Bug fixed in templates causing issues when compiling legacy apps.
  • Have changed the Init method (all objects: Word, Excel, Outlook etc). This method now only takes two parameters, as I've done away with the first parameter (EarlyBound). Please change your code as this will break any existing code.

    Version 1.30 Beta : ( Several unofficial releases )
  • All objects are now based on late-bound code. The various init methods no longer have a parameter called pEarlyBound. I have updated all the template code, but
    if you use any hand-coded calls to the Init methods you will need to change them accordingly.
  • Did more work on the oiOutlook::SendEmail method, and documented it. Also built a dll function called oi_SendEmail so that you can now send email from anywhere in your app with a single line of code!
  • Bug Fix: If you called Init and Kill, then Init and Kill again in the same procedure the objects (any) did not initialize properly - Fixed.
  • 12 new methods for oiWord: CentimetersToPoints, InchesToPoints, LinesToPoints, MillimetersToPoints, PicasToPoints, PixelsToPoints, PointsToCentimeters, PointsToInches, PointsToLines, PointsToMillimeters, PointsToPicas, PointsToPixels.
  • You no longer have to call "Kill" for my objects. If you forget the dll will take care of things for you.. I'd recommend calling Kill though, just looks neater.
  • API calls to CreateCompatibleDC were failing in apps using Office Inside - Fixed
  • Template improvements for legacy apps

    Version 1.27 Beta : ( Released 14 Nov 2003 )
  • First version tested / supporting Microsoft Office 2003.
  • New method - oiOutlook::SendEmail. Not yet documented but this is working, still have a few more parameters to add before I officially document it.

    Version 1.26 Beta : ( Released 13 Nov 2003 )
  • First buld to support Clarion 6 Gold.

    Version 1.25 Beta : ( Released 12 Nov 2003 )
  • Fixed several methods that were setting MS Word Page Margins incorrectly, also made some template changes
  • New methods - oiExcel::InsertWorksheet and oiExcel::SelectWorksheet
  • All Excel methods now support multiple sheets, in that the currently active sheet is always assumed to be the sheet you want to work on

    Version 1.24 Beta : ( Released 30 Oct 2003 )
  • New example in --> Merge a Word document using a csv datasource, printing the merged document
  • oiExcel::Copy and oiExcel::Paste methods are now working
  • New methods:
  • Changed (improved) several methods, including:
  • Changed (improved) the following methods - please check your code if you have used these methods as I have changed the order of the parameters in these methods, so your code might compile but won't work!
  • Worked though (alphabetically) all methods in the oiExcel class up to PrintMe. Several improvements. Please check your code if you use the oiExcel::CloseWorkbook method, as the parameters have changed (now also documented).

    Version 1.23 Beta : ( Released 27 Oct 2003 )
  • Fixed an issue between OfficeInside and ObjectWriter 2.01 Beta
  • First build to support Clarion 6, CR-6.

    Version 1.22 Beta : ( Released 21 Oct 2003 )
  • New option in the Word and Excel templates to control where Office automation windows are opened
  • Changed the parameters for the oiWord, oiExcel, and oiPowerPoint objects' TakeEvent methods
  • Various templates fixes (including actions to take when specified buttons are pressed)
  • Several fixes / improvements, mostly for legacy support, in the template, library and examples
  • Worked on Mail Merge (MS Word) code and examples. Major changes. If you were using any of the old examples / code / methods you might have broken code now (and/or orphaned embeds). Please see the new documentation / examples.
  • Changed the "Object Type" drop list in the extension templates (Word / Excel / Outlook / PowerPoint) to rather be "Template Type". If you have added any extension templates to your own procedures you will need to choose an option from this new "Template Type" list from the template properties.
  • Internal fixes for a possible problem in Clarion 6 CR-5

    Version 1.21 Beta : ( Released 6 Oct 2003 )
  • First official release to support Clarion 6 CR-4 / CR-5
  • Fixed : GPF's if you call a virtual method in an object which you "new" yourself

    Version 1.20 Beta : ( Released 18 Sep 2003 )
  • New method: oiExcel.GetColumnAddressFromColumnNumber
  • First official release to support Clarion 6 CR-3

    Version 1.19 Beta : ( Released 10 Sep 2003 )
  • First official release to support Clarion 6 CR-2
  • Several minor internal improvements (tidying up)

    Version 1.18 Beta : ( Released 5 Sep 2003 )
  • New methods:
  • Improved methods:
  • New Functions: oi_ChangeDefaultShowMessageIcon
  • Template Improvements:
  • Example Improvements: Example in showing how to import from Excel to TPS.

    Version 1.17 Beta : ( Released 26 Aug 2003 )
  • First build to officially support Clarion 6 CR-1
  • New examples showing how to generate portrait reports (Word, read-only)
  • Improved the template for generating Word reports
  • Improvements to the oiWord::Update method
  • Worked on the PowerPoint object. Not yet documented.

    Version 1.16 Beta : ( Released 20 Aug 2003 )
  • New methods:
  • New in Outlook: Edit the Address Book
  • Major changes in templates / method prototypes / embed points / library. Template / prototype changes
    could result in orphaned embedsaround parent calls, which you will need to move to the new embed points. Please email us if you need help with this. Please note that we have not finalized this code, and the
    next release might againcreate orphaned embeds.
  • Spell Checking is now a template. Still have some issues to sort out with focus / threading.
  • Rewrote most of the PowerPoint object, renamed methods etc. Fixed problems.
  • New template for PowerPoint: Add_MsPowerPoint_Object
  • Improved documentation, examples etc.
  • Improvements to several methods, including oiWord::Update, oiWord::GetInfo
  • Improved the "Generate Read-Only Report" template code and example
  • New properties to control how an image is inserted. See the oiWord::InsertPicture method's documentation

    Version 1.15 Beta : ( Released 1 August 2003 )
  • New methods:
  • Major improvement to the oiOutlook object (internally), now leak-proof in the event that the user closes Outlook mid-session, and also manages how to initialize itself based on whether Outlook is currently running or not.. Much more solid.
  • Cleaned up the documentation
  • Cleaned up internal code, and console debug output
  • New template: Add_MSOutlook_Object

    Version 1.14 Beta : ( Released 28 July 2003 )
  • New methods:
  • First build to support Clarion 6 EA 5.1
  • Released with a smaller version of the pwutil.dll file ( 136 KB )

    Version 1.13 Beta : ( Released 25 July 2003 )
  • New methods:
  • More data types supported by oiExcel::ReadCell
  • New template: Add_MSExcel_Object ( changed accordingly )
  • Changes the equates for the TakeEvent method from being prefixed with "oiw" to "oi"
  • New example showing how to read the Outlook Address Book. Undocumented, still work in progress.
  • Cleaned up the documentation.

    Version 1.11 Beta : ( Released 7 July 2003 )
  • Internal improvements to several methods, including oiWord::OpenDoc
  • First release to support Clarion 6 EA5
  • Lots of work done on Mail Merging( still work in progress )

    Version 1.0.9 Beta : ( Released 20 June 2003 )
  • The oiWord::EventHandler method has been phased out. We now use the oiWord::TakeEvent method (fully documented).
  • Major improvement to the oiExcel::ReadCell method (now supports more data types)
  • New example showing how to import an xls file into a TPS file / browse ( must still improve import speed )
  • oiWord::SaveAs now has more parameters (you can now set the password and file format when saving)
  • New methods in oiWord class: OpenFooter, CloseFooter
  • Minor tweak to the oiWord::ReplaceText method
  • Fixed a problem in the oiExcel::OpenWorkbook method regarding Office 2000 compatibility

    Version 1.0.8 Beta : ( Released 13 June 2003 )
  • Removed the WordSpellCheck class (merged into the parent oiWord class), and deleted the obsolete examples from the demo applications.
  • Methods worked on: oiWord::CheckSpelling ( must still update docs )
  • Improved the's "Word_SpellCheckExample" procedure. Still some issues to sort out but it is working much better now. Will still move most of this functionality to the templates as soon as it's been tested and I'm happy it's working properly .
  • New methods for oiWord: GetText, OpenHeader, CloseHeader, MoveUp, MoveDown, MoveLeft, MoveRight
  • The oiWord::Update method now supports additional equates (oiw:Left, oiw:Top, oiw:Width, oiw:Height).
  • Several other minor / internal improvements / changes.
  • To send messages to DebugView we now use these command line parameters: /oidebug0, /oidebug1, /oidebug2, /oidebug3 or /oidebug4.
  • Two new functions: oi_GetWorkAreaWidth and oi_GetWorkAreaHeight

    Version 1.0.7 Beta : ( Released 6 June 2003 )
  • First (official) release compatible with C6 EA 4.3
  • Several internal changes to library
  • New method called oiWord::ReplaceText
  • Tidied up / improved the example

    Version 1.0.6 Beta : ( Released 30 May 2003 )
  • Now compiles in local mode, no problems.
  • New methods in oiExcel class:
  • Worked on Excel documentation
  • New example called, showing how to integrate Office Inside with File Explorer ( work in progress, only compiles standalone in this release )

    Version 1.0.5 Beta : ( Released 23 May 2003 )
  • C6 Compatible (compiles, demos seem to run okay, haven't done extensive testing yet)
  • Fixed / changed the oiWord::TakeEvent logic
  • Worked on Word Mail Merge (examples, docs, templates).. Added support for using CSV files as a data source
  • Improved docs
  • Now uses pwutil.dll version, the same as File Explorer 3.0 is using. Trying to bring these two tools together soon...
  • New methods in the oiExcel class: (most of these are still work-in-progress: more parameters will be available in future releases)
  • New dll functions:
    Version 1.0 Beta 4c : ( Released 2 April 2003 )
  • Tidied up example application ( ), quite a bit of work on the Word_Automation procedure.
  • Various library improvements.
  • New methods:
  • Methods where parameters / functionality changed:
  • New equates for the oiWord::GetInfo and oiWord::Update methods:
  • oiw:ActivePrinter is no longer supported in the oiWord::Update method, it is still supported in the GetInfo method. Should you wish to "update" the active printer, you can now do this using the oiWord::PrintMe method (extra parameter added).

    Version 1.0 beta 4 : ( Released 26 Feb 2003 )
  • Started working on the oiExcel class.
  • New oiExcel methods: Added basic methods for opening / closing / writing to cells etc.
  • Changed library so it's safe to automate Word and Excel at the same time.
  • Re-enabled and improved the Word Reporting template (only generating read only docs, haven't included the code for editable docs in this release).
  • Improved oiWord::GotoItem method (can now go to named bookmarks)
  • Improved oiWord::InsertText method (takes a second parameter now, added functionality)
  • New functions, including: oi_SysTempDir
  • General improvements to library
  • Fixed the legacy example (and template) which I broke in the last release (still not as complete as the abc example which is more "cutting edge" <g>..)
  • Also fixed the benchmark example.
  • Cool new docs

  • Version 1.0 beta 3 : ( Released 13 Feb 2003 )
  • Major changes to everything, including:
  • Renamed various classes, functions, properties and equates (sorry, rather now than later...)
  • Several new classes Changed / renamed templates
  • The usual stuff (docs / examples / improved code etc etc)
  • All threading issues are now sorted out, object life spans etc are all taken care of by the libraries / templates.
  • Library now handles all cleaning up automatically (no risk of memory leaking if you forget to kill an object, or the user closes an object which your app opened).
  • Disabled SpellCheck and Reporting examples, just focusing on Mail Merge and the library, will add more features for the next release.

  • Version 1.0 beta 2 : ( Released 3 Dec 2002 )
  • csoVersionInfo function changed to csoVersion.
  • More functionality added.
  • New example called "Demo Legacy".
  • Improved documentation.
  • General work on the office classes, numerous methods.
  • Major reworking of the Add_MSWord_Object template, and the Word_Automation example in the demo applications.

  • Version 1.0 beta 1 : ( Released 22 Nov 2002 ) ( First release )

    Version 1.0 alpha : ( Released 13 Sep 2002 - 29 Oct 2002 )
    ( Thanks to everyone who participated as Alpha Testers )