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I wanted to be able to attract the users attention, with a rather long instruction message. Rather than just plonk it onto the screen, I wrote a small template control so I could have it scroll across the screen. This proved to be remarkably effective.


Run the supplied installation file.

Adding a TickerTape to your Window

Adding a TickerTape to your window is easy. At this point a rather bright, red and black ticker tape control appears.

Options for the TickerTape Control

Long Tapes & Multiple Tapes

By default the template will create a data variable for you called tt:tickertape which will be used on the screen. The length of this string is 32 characters.

If you want a longer string displayed, or if you want multiple tapes on the same window, then you must create your own local variable (call it say MyTape) and set it to the length you want. If you are creating multiple tapes then create a different variable for each tape.

See the example, DemoMultiple procedure for an example of this in action.


There is an example in your \Clarion5\3rdParty\Examples\Ticker directory

License & Copyright

This template is copyright © 2013 by CapeSoft Software. None of the included files may be distributed. Your programs which use TickerTape can be distributed without any TickerTape royalties.

Each developer needs his own license to use TickerTape. (Need to buy more licenses?)

This product is provided as-is. Use it entirely at your own risk. Use of this product implies your acceptance of this, along with the recognition of copyright stated above. In no way will CapeSoft Software, their employees or affiliates be liable for any way for any damages or business losses you may incur as a direct or indirect result of using this product.


Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. Check our web page ( for new versions. You can also contact us in one of the following ways.

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Version History

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Version 1.70: Released May 25, 2021 Version 1.69: Released Sept 18, 2018 Version 1.68: Released March 2, 2015 Version 1.66: Released January 27, 2014 Version 1.65: Released May 14, 2013 Version 1.64: Released November 10, 2008 Version 1.63: Released August 11, 2008 Version 1.62: Released July 30, 2008 Version 1.61: Released May 16 2002
Version 1.6: Released March 2 2001
Version 1.5: Released September 28 2000
Version 1.2: Released May 21 1999
Version 1.0: Released Feb 18 1999